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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

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HomeWorks: Small, vacant City-owned buildings are completely rehabilitated by experienced builders to create one- to four- family homes for sale to individual owner-occupants at market prices.

Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program (NEP) : A program that enables neighborhood-based private property managers to manage and own clusters of occupied and vacant City-owned buildings as affordable housing.

Neighborhood Homes : HPD conveys occupied one-to four-family homes for rehabilitation and eventual sale to owner-occupants.

Neighborhood Redevelopment Program (NRP) : HPD conveys clusters of occupied and vacant City-owned buildings to designated not-for-profit organizations for rehabilitation and operation as affordable rental housing.

StoreWorks: HPD conveys vacant, small, mixed-use buildings owned by the City to qualified developers for rehabilitation and sale as homeownership housing.

Tenant Interim Lease Apartment Purchase Program (TIL) : Assists organized tenant associations in City-owned buildings to develop economically self-sufficient low-income cooperatives.

Tenant Interim Lease II Apartment Purchase Program (TIL II) : An accelerated TIL program, TIL II uses a local developer, chosen by the tenants, as an interim sponsor to coordinate the development process and return City-owned buildings to tenant ownership.

Tenant Ownership Program (TOP) : Sells occupied City-owned properties of one to five units to prospective eligible residential and commercial tenants.

Third Party Transfer (TPT) Program : Transfer and rehabilitation of tax-foreclosed residential properties directly to qualified developers, without the City ever taking title.

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