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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Equal Opportunity (EO) Package

 The Labor Monitoring Unit of the Division of Regulatory Compliance/Office of the First Deputy Commissioner is responsible for processing the equal opportunity documents, commonly referred to as the EO package. The EO package verifies a firm's awareness of equal opportunity, labor standards, fair housing and Section 3 provisions (federal) which are incorporated in the awarded contract. The EO package is a requirement of all prime and lower tier contractors.

The submitted documents are reviewed for completion. If the firm is found to be in compliance, an EO contract clearance document is generated and issued for contract registration. In addition, a representative of the contracting firm attends a Pre-Award Conference once every two years. Questions regarding EO clearances should first be directed to the HPD program area with which contractors are working.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7905

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