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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development


Housing production on sites that are government-owned 

HPD offers opportunities for both for-profit and not-for-profit developers to construct homes and apartments on HPD-owned land and to rehabilitate once-HPD-owned buildings.

Learn more about developing on HPD-owned property
Learn more about rehabilitating once-HPD-owned buildings or other government-owned property

HPD provides low-cost financing and other forms of financial assistance to developers to encourage the creation of affordable housing. HPD does this in conjunction with other housing agencies and private lenders. HPD offers a range of low-cost financing for new construction on privately-owned vacant and underutilized sites and assists with acquisition and predevelopment costs. HPD also offers tax incentive programs for developers and for future and current property owners. In addition, Low Income Housing Tax Credits are awarded annually on a competitive basis to qualified low-income housing developments.

Learn more about low-cost financing for work on private sites
Learn more about tax incentives
Learn more about Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Learn more about HPD’s Marketing Guidelines 

Click here to download the Attachments in the Marketing Guidelines

There is also information for developers to comply with Equal Opportunity and HUD Section 3.

Learn more about equal opportunity rules
Learn more about labor standards
Learn more about HUD Section 3

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