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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development


The City of New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) is the agency responsible for most housing and urban renewal matters, including without limitation, the management, disposition and development of City-owned urban renewal and/or residential properties and the enforcement of compliance with State of New York (“State”) and City laws, rules and regulations governing residential dwellings in New York City. HPD is responsible for the management of buildings taken In-Rem, for Urban Renewal, or through Condemnation and leases buildings to alternative managers who are then responsible for the management of the buildings. Under HPD’s Tenant Interim Lease (“TIL”) Program, the buildings are leased to tenants’ associations, which manage the buildings. HPD eventually sells the buildings to the tenants as Housing Development Fund Corporation (“HDFC”) Co-operatives.

HPD is seeking to evaluate and pre-qualify a list of contractors (“PQL”) by this application process, to conduct work in General Construction (work will not include Wicks Law licensed trades), exclusively for HPD’s Tenant Interim Lease TIL Program. By establishing contractors’ qualifications and experience in advance, HPD will have a pool of competent contractors from which it can draw to promptly and effectively make needed repairs in buildings directly administered by the TIL Program. HPD will select contractors from the list for repair and emergency work of up to $100,000 per work order.

HPD will only consider applications for the TIL Pre-qualified Lists who meet any one of the following criteria:

1. The submitting entity must be a Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise    certified by the New York City Department of Small Business Services (“New York City-certified M/WBE”).
2. The submitting entity must be a registered joint venture or have a valid legal agreement as a joint venture, with at least one of the entities in the venture being a New York City -certified M/WBE.
3. The submitting entity must indicate a commitment to sub-contract no less than 50 percent of any awarded job to a New York City-certified M/WBE for each and every work order awarded.

To access more information about the TIL Program PQL, including the Fact Sheet and Application CLICK HERE.

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