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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

State and Federal Housing Programs

State and Federal Housing Programs

HPD encourages not-for-profit and for-profit developers to apply for financing through State and federal housing programs, in addition to the affordable housing programs that we offer. Like HPD, State and federal housing agencies issue Requests for Proposals, which generally require the developers to submit proposals for particular sites. Developers who are interested in developing specific City-owned properties should contact the Division of Planning at one of the telephone numbers listed below.

Upon request, the Division of Planning will consider issuing contingent site authorization letters for developers who meet the application requirements of the State and federal funding agencies. Such letters do not obligate HPD to provide discretionary approvals for design review, environmental review or supplementary City funding, nor do they provide any assurance of land use approval by the City Planning Commission or the City Council. Should an applicant fail to secure funding from the State or federal government, a site authorization letter will no longer be valid.

We have often issued site authorization letters to facilitate proposals to the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), among other agencies. As these agencies provide discretionary funding on an annual basis, State and federal housing programs are a crucial component of the New Housing Marketplace Plan.

Developers should refer to and for further information about DHCR and HUD development programs. If developers are interested in utilizing the State and federal programs for specific City-owned sites, they should contact the HPD Division of Planning at one of the following borough planning offices:

  •  Manhattan Planning Office: 212-863-6494
  •  Bronx Planning Office: 212-863-6279
  •  Brooklyn Planning Office: 212-863-8667
  •  Queens and Staten Island Planning Office: 212-863-6608

Here is a list of recent site authorization letters that HPD issued so that not-for-profit and for-profit developers could apply for State and federal funding

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