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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Submission Protocol and Certification Process

Submission Protocol for 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Certification Overlay for NYC HPD Projects

All new construction and rehabilitation projects (as defined below) that receive funding from HPD are required to comply with the 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Certification Overlay for NYC HPD Projects.

For rehabilitation projects, the requirement to certify with Green Communities is based on work scope.  Projects engaged in the following work scope are required to comply: 

  • Heating system replacement
  • Work on at least 75% of the units, including kitchens and bathrooms.  The work should include fixture, appliance, and/or ventilation upgrades.
  • Substantial work on the building envelope that will upgrade the thermal properties of the building.  Such work may include roofing/ wall insulation, window upgrades, air sealing measures. 

All rehabilitation projects are also required to comply with the HPD Standard Specification to the extent of the project work scope.

Submission Stages

  1. Create Online Account with Enterprise:

Begin the certification process by clicking here.  This step will set up an online account with Enterprise which will facilitate entry of needed project information and document greening measures the project is pursuing.  Projects will need to compile the following documents:

  • Site Plan: This plan must indicate utilities and sidewalk connections as appropriate.
  • Context Map: This map must indicate locations of minimally required community amenities and their distances from project boundaries.
  •  Energy Improvement Report: Required for rehabilitation projects only. The report must provide the results of modeling the current and projected energy performance of the building.

The project should not officially submit to Enterprise until completion of step 2 below. 

Click here for a tutorial on using the Enterprise submission portal

  1. HPD Review and Pre-approval

Prior to officially submitting to Enterprise for the Green Communities certification, projects are required to submit to HPD and receive the HPD Pre-approval letter for Green Communities Certification.  The HPD pre-approval letter is a required exhibit for the Enterprise Green Communities certification for all HPD funded projects.  

  • Projects should output a PDF from the Enterprise submission portal using the portal’s export function, detailing the intended methods of compliance with the 2011 HPD Green Communities Overlay as outlined in step 1 above.
  • Submit PDF from the certification system to HPD Director of Sustainability for review and approval.
  • HPD will issue a pre-approval letter upon completion of HPD review.
  • Upload the HPD pre-approval as an attachment in the application portal


  1. Official Submission to Enterprise

Upon completion of the HPD review the project should have a finalized design strategy.  The project team should complete the Enterprise online Certification Request Form and submit additional documentation as required by Enterprise.

Once all required submittals are complete, including the HPD pre-approval letter, Enterprise will conduct an initial review of the materials and provide additional feedback on the submission as necessary.

  1. Issuance of Phase 1 Approval Letter (Pre-Construction)

Upon completion of the Enterprise review, an approval letter will be issued.  Projects will need this phase 1 approval letter from Enterprise as a condition of closing for HPD financing.  In the case of projects applying for LIHTC, the Enterprise phase 1 approval letter will be needed as an exhibit for the initial LIHTC application. 

  1. Phase 2 Approval (Post Construction)

Project team completes online Final Certification Form within 60 days of construction completion. The following documents will need to be submitted:

  • Energy Modeling Report: Project teams should submit results of energy modeling in the format provided by modeler that indicates the percentage improvement as compared to the baseline building. Enterprise does not require a standard form for this submittal.
  • Project photos: Project photos should show project before, during and after construction.
  • Utility Release 

Enterprise conducts final review and determines whether project can be certified as meeting the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria. Enterprise sends notification of certification to project contact via email within 30 days of receiving completed submission.

  1. Conversion for Permanent Financing

Projects will need to demonstrate that all required documents were filed with Enterprise for final Green Communities Certification as a condition of HPD permanent loan conversion, or 8609 issuance for LIHTC projects. 

Note: Any project team submitting a request for certification to Enterprise may be subject to on-site verification by a third-party provider. Projects will be selected for on-site verification on a quarterly basis, using a random sampling approach based on the number of certification requests submitted in a given quarter. Enterprise will direct a consultant to conduct the on-site verification, monitor the consultant for quality assurance and cover the costs to complete the verification.


Projects for which a required measure is infeasible may petition Enterprise for an alternate compliance path or waiver of the required measure.

HPD may grant waivers of the Green Communities certification requirement on a limited case by case basis for projects that demonstrate documented financial hardship in compliance.   

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