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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
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Interactive courses that you can take on the computer.

Bed Bugs Management – Learn to identify, prevent and eliminate a bed bug infestation and HPD’s role in enforcing owner compliance.

Bed Bugs Management Spanish  Nuevo! Aprenda a identificar, prevenir y eliminar una infestación de chinches y el papel de HPD en la aplicación de cumplimiento del dueño

First Time Homebuyers A comprehensive overview on what to do and expect when considering buying your first home.

Building Heating Systems The heat and hot water requirements for NYC landlords with a review of basic steam and hot water heating systems.

Landlord’s Guide to Lead Safety Learn the NYC rules regarding lead paint.


Short audio tips that you can listen to on the computer or that you may download onto your portable MP3 device.

 Mold: When is it a hazard, how to identify the causes of moldy conditions, how to address those conditions, and landlord responsibilities.
HPD’s Bed bug-sniffing dogs: Why does HPD have bed bug sniffing dogs and under what conditions we can bring them into your home to investigate a possible bed bug infestation?

 Preventing slips, trips and falls in your home Many people, and not just the elderly, are injured every year as a result of slips, trips and falls within their own homes. There are simple things you can do to make your home a safer place.

Baby-proofing your home Whether you are bringing home a baby or chasing after a toddler, every room in your home can be dangerous for a child. Here is a review of free and low cost changes you can make around your home to keep kids safe.

 How an owner can apply for a rent increase on a Section 8 unit How is a reasonable Sect.8 rent determined? What are the criteria for HUD payment standards,fair market rents, and maximum allowable rents?. When and how can you apply for an increase?  You can find the answers here.

 Change of ownership requirements for owners: Section 8 What paperwork will you need to submit to HPD if you are buying or selling a building in which there are HPD Section 8 (Housing Choice voucher program) subsidized units? You can find the answers here

 Affordable Housing Resource Center on Want to know about the range of government subsidized housing in NYC including the NYC Housing Authority, Section 8, the HPD-HDC lotteries and Mitchell-Lamas? Listen here!

Clean Heat regulations phase out the use of #6 and #4 heating oils in NYC buildings :  New guidelines require buildings burning heavy heating oils to convert to cleaner options in an effort to reduce air pollution in NYC. Learn about the facts and free resources available to help with the transition. 

Check here to see if your building is required to convert.

Housing Code Violations When and why do HPD inspectors write violations and what you must do to clear them?

No and Low-cost Home Energy Saving Tips reviews ways you may be wasting energy at home and implement simple changes that can result in lower utility bills.

Healthy Homes What are the environmental conditions in your home that may impact your health? Learn the hazards and how to clean them safely.

Housing Lottery Part 1 & Housing Lottery Part 2  explains the rules of the HPD and HDC housing lotteries and how you can participate.

Household Chemical Safety presents the potential dangers of the chemicals in your household cleaning products and how to use them safely.

 Greening Your Home you how to replace commercial household cleaning products with green cheaper alternatives.



View our educational videos online or download them onto your portable player.

NEW!  The HPD Code Enforcement Six Point Inspection What every HPD Code Inspector must look for when he or she comes to a tenant’s apartment in response to a complaint

NEW!  How HPD inspectors respond to a tenant’s heat or hot water complaint This video tell you what the rules are and shows you what HPD Code inspectors will look for when investigating a complaint of a lack of heat or hot water

Building Safety and Security  - increasing the security of your residential building and the safety of your tenants.

Securing Vacant Buildings how to properly secure your vacant building, and what to do when there is an inadequately secured building in your neighborhood.

Building Safety with Law Enforcement - how to establish and maintain a successful working relationship with your local police precinct in order to increase the security of your residential building and your tenants.

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