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Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn

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With its narrow streets and close-set homes, some sitting on the water, this neighborhood in far south Brooklyn is often likened to a New England fishing village.

Gerritsen Beach is a self-contained peninsula located in Community District 15.


The area, named for Wolfert Gerritsen (a 17th-century settler), was mostly marshland until around 1920, when a company called Realty Associates began building summer homes. In 1923, a creek was dredged to form Shell Bank Canal, which divides the peninsula into old and new sections. In both, street names go in alphabetical order. Within a decade, the peninsula was filled with small bungalows, most sitting on 40-by-45-foot lots.


Gerritsen Beach remains a self-contained, tight-knit, and working-class community. Many residents grew up in the neighborhood, inherited their homes from their parents, and choose to remain.

To downtown Manhattan, take the B31 bus to Kings Highway followed by the Q express train; or, take the Command express bus.
P.S. 277 has an extensive marine biology program that takes advantage of the area's salt water ecosystem. Resurrection School is Roman Catholic.
Where do I find my new home?

In addition to the real estate classifieds in the big dailies, try local Brooklyn papers such as The Spectator and The Home Reporter, or Home Sweet Home and the Homefinder magazines, which are distributed in local supermarkets. Another potential source of information are the privately-run real estate websites, such as Real Estate Español, Realty Times, or HomeStore.

Special Note:
Gerritsen Beach has its own website: It provides a forum for people who have moved away from the neighborhood to stay in touch with current residents.

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