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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
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Office of Policy and External Affairs

Associate Commissioner

The Office of Policy and External Affairs consists of these two divisions:

Division of Housing Policy Analysis and Statistical Research plans and conducts major housing-related research requiring advanced concepts and methods or large-scale data collection, processing and analyses. The Division works with the U.S. Census Bureau to plan and implement every three years the comprehensive New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (HVS), as required by New York State and City rent regulation laws.  The Division prepares the initial report on the HVS to submit timely to the Mayor and City Council on the City's rental vacancy rate, the supply of housing accommodations, their condition and the continued existence of a housing emergency requiring extension of rent control and rent stabilization.  The Division prepares the comprehensive analysis report on findings of the HVS.  The Division provides housing market data and analyses on the City's population and households, housing inventory, vacancy rates, ownership rate, housing and neighborhood conditions, incomes, rents, affordability, etc. for the City, boroughs and sub-borough areas for City officials, agencies, policy makers, and planners in the public and private sectors to assess housing policy and planning issues, to develop programs, for legal and legislative analyses, grant applications and to support informed decisions.

Division of Regulatory Affairs oversees agency administration of Local Law 129, the City's Minority and Women Based Enterprise Program (MWBE), overseeing agency procurement efforts and implements strategies to increase the participation of minority and women-owned firms. It coordinates compliance with equal opportunity mandates, reviews contract disputes as per Procurement Policy Board Rules Section 4-09, coordinates implementation of and reporting to HUD on Section 3 business and employment activity, implement language access policy, liaise with the Mayor's Office of Operations, and manages Fair Housing MOU with the NYC Commission of Human Rights, providing educational and counseling services to curb housing discriminiation and assist property owners and management firms under contract with the Agency and raise public awareness of discrimination laws via

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