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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
About HPD

Office of Development

The Office of Development leads the implementation of the Mayor Bloomberg’s New Housing Marketplace Plan to create or preserve 165,000 units by the close of fiscal year 2014. This is performed in close collaboration with HPD colleagues, other city and state agencies, and the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC). 

The Office of Development is comprised of the following Divisions: 

The Division of Building & Land Development Services (BLDS) is responsible for providing architectural, engineering, environmental, and construction support services to the various Divisions of the Office of Development. The goal of the Division is to ensure that HPD programs produce quality affordable housing in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

The Division of Housing Incentives is responsible for administering the Agency’s local property tax incentive programs and the Inclusionary Housing program. It also allocates the city’s portion of competitive and as-of-right federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits. 

The Division of New Construction is responsible for operating programs for multifamily housing, large scale development, and small homes production. Financing is provided to construct multi-family rental housing under the Mixed Income Rental Program and Low Income Rental Programs. The division often works in conjunction with the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) in co-financing such developments.  The division is also responsible for homeownership programs - both multi-family and one- to four-family homes for purchase by owner-occupants - and operates a downpayment assistance program.

The Division of Planning, Marketing & Sustainability is responsible for identifying sites for affordable housing development as well as creating and coordinating the pipeline of public sites. Planning is responsible for interagency partnerships and represents the agency during neighborhood rezoning efforts. The Marketing Unit oversees the marketing process to ensure that the affordable housing financed by HPD is distributed in an open and fair manner.

The Division of Preservation Finance is focused on moving forward preservation-focused strategic initiatives and the development of new priority programs.  The Division operates programs which provide financing to rehabilitate and preserve multi-family housing such as the Article 8A Loan Program, the Participation Loan Program, the HUD Multifamily Program, the Year 15 Program, and the Small Owners Repair program. Under the auspices of the Participation Loan Program (PLP), the Division is committed to working with individuals and organizations interested in acquiring and rehabilitating financially and physically distressed or overleveraged properties. HPD welcomes these individuals and organizations to reach out to HPD with project proposals that may benefit from PLP or the agency’s other rehabilitation loan programs.   The division also includes the Primary Prevention Program which offers grants to owners for lead abatement. 

 The Division of Property Disposition and Finance facilitates the disposition of tax-foreclosed buildings managed and/or owned by HPD to private ownership by tenant associations, nonprofit organizations, or community based for-profit organizations. PDF utilizes the expertise of the community and private sector to provide interim management and project development services, while creating an alternative to City property management.  The programmatic components of this effort help achieve the City’s goal of selling the buildings to the tenants, nonprofits, or private entrepreneurs and returning the buildings to the tax rolls and improving the overall NYC housing stock to safe and livable homes for New Yorkers.

The Division of Special Needs Housing is responsible for the Supportive Housing Loan Program, a key vehicle for providing quality permanent housing with on-site services for homeless adults with special needs. The Division is also responsible for implementation of the NY-NY III agreement, along with the department's involvement in housing for the low-income elderly and other populations with special needs.  


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