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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
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Neighborhood Planning Offices
HPD's planning divisions were re-organized and strengthened to better serve the needs of the Mayor's New Housing Marketplace: Creating Housing for the Next Generation plan. The housing plan has a goal of increasing development in targeted neighborhoods through rezoning and by leveraging remaining HPD-controlled property with other public and private property. This is a significant departure from HPD's production effort since the mid-1980s, which relied primarily on the city-owned, tax-foreclosed inventory of buildings and land. Simply put, the task of identifying sites suitable for development today is far more complex and challenging, and for the most part, HPD will have to look outside of its own portfolio to find them.

To ensure the necessary capacity for achieving the Mayor's goals, HPD's planning function will be enlarged and divided along the lines of broad responsibilities to be handled by the following divisions:

  • The Division of Planning  Assistant Commissioner – Shampa Chanda
    Function: Facilitating housing development through community based planning; Requests for site control or any requests to develop HPD-owned property. If you are inquiring about the status of a particular HPD-owned property please call 212-863-8961.

  • The Community Outreach Unit  
    Deputy Commissioner for Community Partnerships - Kimberly Hardy, 212-863-5128,
    Function: Collaboration with community boards and community-based organizations

  • Division of Neighborhood Resources/Marketing Director - Rubin Wolf, 212-863-7979;
    Reporting to Joseph Rosenberg, Deputy Commissioner for Intergovernmental Affairs and Support Services
    Functions: monitoring the marketing and rent-up of HPD-sponsored housing development; representing the commissioner at board and borough level meetings


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