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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
About HPD

A Message From RuthAnne Visnauskas

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is the largest municipal developer of affordable housing in the nation. The sum total of what we do is expressed in the agency’s name. The men and women who work here are responsible for ensuring that the City’s housing stock meets the requirements laid out by the City’s Housing Maintenance Code and that landlords of residential buildings of all sizes are maintaining them properly, providing basic services and that their tenants are able to live safely in housing that is both healthy and secure. More than that, HPD is responsible for carrying our Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s ambitious New Housing Marketplace Plan (NHMP) to fund 165,000 affordable units by the end of the 2014 fiscal year. Since mid-2003 HPD, along with our sister agency the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC), and in partnership with many advocates, developers, tenants, community organizations, elected officials, and banks and other financial institutions, has financed the creation or preservation of more than 140,000 affordable units of housing. By any measure, this is an amazing accomplishment. But we know that we can and must do more.

In developing and preserving affordable housing, HPD has consistently risen to the challenge of finding opportunities in both boom and bust times and doing more with less. When Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg launched the NHMP in 2003, we were facing a crisis of housing affordability. Since then, the Plan has been revised and refined to meet fluctuations in the marketplace and the needs of our fellow New Yorkers. This is to be expected as the Plan is always a work in progress.

Enabling and encouraging landlords and developers to maintain the quality of our existing housing is critical to the health of tenants and the neighborhoods they live in—our neighborhoods—from the southern tip of Staten Island to Riverdale in the northern Bronx. This is what we do so proudly and so well here at HPD. Staying on track to meet the goals of the New Housing Marketplace plan is crucial to spurring our short- and long-term economic recovery and to ensuring that New York remains a vibrant, sustainable and affordable City for all New Yorkers for generations yet to come. 


Thank you,  

RuthAnne Visnauskas

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