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Current Homebuying Lottery Opportunities

In 2002, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg launched the City’s most aggressive affordable housing plan in two decades to create and preserve homes and apartments for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers. The Mayor said, "Every generation of ambitious and hard-working New Yorkers deserve just what my parents struggled to achieve and what all parents want for their children: the security that only good homes in safe and stable neighborhoods can provide. Affordable housing is fundamental to our long-term economic prosperity."

The following City-sponsored homes are currently accepting applications; future homeowners will be selected by lottery among all of the applicants who meet the eligibility criteria for the specific development. The City itself does not sell the homes. You will be entering into a private real estate transaction between yourself and the real estate developer. You will see phone numbers or other contact information listed for the real estate developer or its marketing agent, and you will need to contact them directly. In order to be eligible, you must occupy the home you are applying for as your primary residence.

Typically demand exceeds supply for the City-sponsored homes, so we suggest that you be tenacious and simultaneously enter multiple lotteries as well as using typical means of pursuing housing such as classified ads, online listings, brokers, and word-of-mouth. Please use common sense and beware of deals that sound too good to be true.

This is not a broker site. There is neither an application fee nor a broker fee to apply for the homes in these listings. However, if an applicant is selected by lottery and passes the interview, the developer may require a fee to conduct a credit check on the applicant.

Good luck.

Current homeownership lottery opportunities include:

Type of Housing Location Contact Status Program
Homes Spring Creek Section

Nehemiah Housing Development Fund Company Inc
(718) 642 2330

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Homes East New York Download the PDF N/A N/A
Homes 240 Manhattan Avenue
Download the PDF N/A N/A