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HHS Accelerator Data Project

Background and Purpose

HHS Accelerator Data (Accelerator Data) is an initiative to help New York City’s nonprofit organizations more easily and effectively manage data, benchmark performance, and share information with stakeholders and funders.

Accelerator Data focuses on the way that the performance results of NYC-funded human service programs are 1) defined; 2) reported to the City; and 3) made public to key stakeholders.
 Accelerator Data also promotes mechanisms to make aggregated financial and performance data (i.e. data that is not client-specific) more open and accessible so providers and others gain perspective on their relative performance.

Collaborative efforts with nonprofit and philanthropic leaders have led to the development of financial and performance measures to promote nonprofits’ understanding of organizational health by establishing key indicators for organizations to perform enterprise-level fiscal health analysis, calculate program costs and evaluate relative performance.

Financial Measures

Access four(4) key fiscal health benchmarks now!

Using source data from the IRS Form 990, HHS Accelerator Data provides aggregate reports on NYC Client and Community Services providers on the following metrics

1. Debt to Net Asset - provides a snapshot of organization's assets and liabilities.
2. Net Asset Balances - reflects an organization's net worth to help management measure its ability to reinvest profits towards its mission.
3. Major Expense Categories as Percent of Total Expenses - shows overview of an organization's spending activity.
4. Current Asset Composition - provides an internal management view to measure liquidity and cash flow.

To see how your organization is benchmarked against other nonprofits in these areas you may request a customized report. 

View reports on these 4 key fiscal benchmarks (in PDF)
Request a customized report now to see how your organization compares to others

Performance Measures

A central premise of Accelerator Data is that in any human service field there are at least a few results that most practitioners and observers can agree are important to achieve. Through inclusive cross-sector collaboration, Accelerator Data has developed methodology for identifying these key performance measures and pilot tested in three human services subsectors: Senior Services, Alternatives to Incarceration and Workforce Development. Refinement of this methodology, expansion of IT strategy and development of performance measures in additional subsectors are ongoing. For more information on Accelerator Data origins, work to date and next steps, view the Accelerator Data Interim Report.

View the Accelerator Data Interim Report (in PDF)

Continue to check our site for project update and additional reports.

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