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Service Overview

Elmhurst Hospital Center has offered quality breast screening and care for over 35 years, with Mammography Quality Service Act (MQSA) Certified and fully compliant services since the certification program began. Elmhurst Hospital Center utilizes state of the art digital mammography equipment that generates enhanced, filmless images. Besides screening and diagnostic mammography, other more specialized procedures are performed.

The Departments of Radiology and Surgery have performed over 200 stereotactic breast biopsy procedures jointly since October 2000, when the new service was initiated. A minimally invasive way to obtain a tissue pathology of small non-palpable suspicious mammogram abnormalities, stereotactic breast biopsy requires only local anesthesia and is performed in the radiology suite. This has increased the efficiency of scheduling breast biopsies, usually within three weeks of initial surgical evaluation, and has increased patient confidence by providing quick, definitive tissue diagnoses. Sentinel node biopsies are also performed. These procedures help to diagnose the first lymph node to which cancer cells have spread after leaving the area of the primary tumor.

Elmhurst Hospital Center Radiology Department will make every effort to provide the services you require as quickly as possible. Here is how you can obtain an order, schedule a mammogram, and even obtain a free mammogram if you have no medical insurance.

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