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The Blood Donor Program staff is very committed to ensuring blood is available to our patients. The supply of blood continues to deplete each year. Maintaining a supply of blood is critical to the health and well-being of our patient. We depend on donation of blood from patients, community and our staff. Through aggressive out reach the Queens Health Network is constantly meeting the demands for blood, but we need your help!

Our staff includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and patient care associates. We are fully equipped for mobile, as well as facility based blood drives. For mobile drives, we provide all necessary equipment and provide snacks, sandwiches and beverages, as well as Donor incentive gifts. At any given drive, prospective donors are medically assessed for a possible blood donation. A mini-physical is conducted for each Donor. The mini-physical includes blood pressure, pulse, temperature and iron level assessment as well as brief interview. Additionally, each blood drive, in effect, is a mini-health fair, in tat we provide numerous health advisory pamphlets and on occasion point of service health assessments. Prior to mobile drives, we are also prepared to speak to your group, that in an effort to better educate and prepare prospective Donors with regard to the donation process. All records are kept strictly confidential, as per regulatory requirement. We provide literature, checklists and sign-up sheets/pledge cards well in advance of any drive. Our program also provides marketing and recruitment strategies and materials, all with your approval relative to content and presentation prior to distribution.


Anyone between the ages of 18 and 76, in good physical health, weighs at least 110 lbs. And has not given blood for a least 56 days, is eligible to donate blood.

An official form of identification, preferably with a photo, proof of age and a desire to help others is all you need to donate blood.

Elmhurst Hospital Center serves an area of approximately one million people. Elmhurst, Queens is perhaps the most ethnically mixed community in the world with 20,000 recent immigrants from 112 countries.

The Elmhurst/Jackson Heights community is projected to grow at a 4.6%, nearly twice the rate of the borough and significantly higher than that of New York City. As the population increases, so does the need for an ample blood supply.

Through community involvement, the Elmhurst Hospital Center Blood Donor Program is preparing to meet the needs of the neighborhoods it serves. Residents of the area are encouraged to serve either as direct blood donors, or as liaisons to large organizations within their communities with the objective of organizations within their communities with the objective of organizing mobile of facility-based blood drives.

Queens Hospital Center provides a full range of services to the Southeast and Central Queens Communities. For more than 75 years, QHC has maintained a standard of excellence, developing new programs and responding with sensitivity and vision to the changing needs of the health care environment and communities at large.

Queens Hospital Center serves an area of approximately one million people. In addition to its on-site services, QHC operates three offsite facilities, each offering a full range of services tailored to the communities in which they are located.

Outreach for blood in the South East Queens is on-going. With such a large patient base it is vital for Queens Hospital Center to have blood available.


1. Bring Photo I.D. with official signature
2. Know SS# or bring Passport
3. Eat a meal within 2 hrs before donating
4. Know or bring Medications

Hours are Monday and Friday 8:00am 3:30pm, no appointment necessary. Blood donations are accepted at both Elmhurst and Queens Hospital (see directions for location of hospital). To get more information call (718) 334-2022/2023


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