A Hackathon How-To Guide for Government Agencies

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Hackathons for Civic Innovators

What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons have evolved over the years to include participants with a variety of skillsets responding to a variety of challenges with assistance from mentors who coach participants towards the development of a final product or idea before it is presented to a panel of judges. At its core, a hackathon is a discovery tool that can help to engage new talent, uncover new ideas, and accelerate new solutions for your agency or organization.

Benefits of a Hackathon

Hackathons offer innovative ways to strengthen teamwork, raise productivity, and engage the community. They have been embraced by universities, venture capitalists, government agencies and corporate businesses because they present a unique opportunity to develop prototypes and foster the creation of new ideas.

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Hackathon Guide

Hackathon Guide is currently available as a comprehensive digital guide.
A pdf version will be available for download soon. Happy Hacking!

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