Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City
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Relief and Recovery

Since Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, the Mayor’s Fund has received over $60 million in relief contributions from 21,000 individuals and organizations and has used its unique ability to build public-private partnerships to administer aid effectively to the communities most affected. As part of the City’s emergency relief and recovery operations, the Mayor’s Fund received and addressed specific needs in real-time with the help of those working in impacted areas. Ongoing efforts are focusing on home recovery and rebuilding projects.


On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the Mayor’s Fund created the below graphic to illustrate the impact that public-private initiatives have had on the city’s recovery since October 2012. Further details are also available in the full announcement.


Marking the six-month anniversary of the storm’s landfall in New York, the Mayor’s Fund released a Hurricane Sandy 6-Month Update, detailing immediate and ongoing public-private initiatives supporting the city’s recovery and restoration. Read the full report.