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Software & Internet Services

The vendors marked with a allow filming at their establishments! Contact them
directly for more information.

Amasta Media Corp.
112 West 34th Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10120. Telephone: 646-535-8385
Amasta Media is a full service website design, print, web development and mobile development company. They provide design, development, copywriting, a/b testing, maintenance support and consultation services. They offer a 15% discount to all of their services with the "Made in NY" card. Discount not applicable to images and illustrations (if purchased on image stock websites), third party services and applications., Inc.

568 Broadway, Suite 404, New York, NY 10012. Telephone: 212-982-9800, Inc. offers broadband internet, dial-up, web design, network support and consulting. They offer a 10% discount off any service with the “Made in NY” card.

EIC Agency, LLC

1674 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. Telephone: 212-315-9522

They build websites, apps and provide graphic design for the entertainment industry. They can turn work around quickly and welcome your creative input. They offer a 50% discount for any web or graphic work with the "Made in NY" card.

Entertainment Partners

875 6th Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10001. Telephone: 646-473-9010
Entertainment Partners is a provider of production management software and services to the entertainment industry, including Movie Magic’s EP Scheduling, Movie Magic’s EP Budgeting, Casting, Paymaster, Accounting, Petty Cash Cards and Virtual Production Office systems. They offer a 15% discount on all retail software and manuals purchased directly from Entertainment Partners with the “Made in NY” card. Discount not applicable to Internet purchases.

Final Draft, Inc.
265 Canal Street, Suite 221, New York, NY 10013. Telephone: 818-995-8995 ext. 220.
Final Draft is the industry-standard screenwriting software for screenwriters, TV writers, playwrights, and filmmakers. Final Draft works on computers running both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. They offer up to 40% off the full version Final Draft software at Use the discount code MADENY2014 to purchase Final Draft for a 40% discount off the regular full price of $249.95 with the "Made in NY" card.

((RADAR)) Mobile Studios

131 Cebra Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10304. Telephone: 718-408-0904
((RADAR)) Mobile Studios is a revolutionary solution for any production using a digital camera. It brings a full suite of tools from Ingest and back-up to color, transcoding and editing - all without leaving set. It's a faster, smarter and better way to work. ((RADAR)) has a range of vehicles to suit every kind of production and budget. They offer 10% off vehicle (includes data wrangler and driver) with the "Made in NY" card.

Rainbow Broadband, Inc

336 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018. Telephone: 212-201-1241
Rainbow Broadband Inc. is a commercial broadband & phone provider in Manhattan. Rainbow built and maintains its own Hybrid Fiber Microwave network (HFM). They offer complete diversity from Verizon and Time Warner Cable in NYC. Rainbow Broadband can install 1-200 Mbps of internet service in 85% of all commercial buildings in Manhattan. They offer 15% off installation including live events with the “Made in NY” card.

Rockbottom Rentals
661 Meeker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Telephone: 917-885-5653.
Rockbottom Rentals specializes in short term communications solutions for the Entertainment and Event Industries. From two way radios and office phones systems, to junxion boxes and smartphones they have solutions for all your communication needs. They offer 10% off with the "Made in NY" card.

Showbiz Software Stores

19 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10010. Telephone: 646-829-0700
Showbiz Software Stores offer discount software and books for film, television and commercials. They offer a seminar room set up exclusively for meetings and seminars that relate to filmmaking. Demo machines and a wi-fi cafe are also available on-site. They offer a 10% discount on sales price of Showbiz Budgeting, Showbiz Scheduling, and Showbiz Timecards with the "Made in NY" card.

Speedy Scan Company

223 Wall Street, Huntington Station, NY 11743. Telephone: 866-369-8479
Speedy Scan Organizer is an office application for businesses of any size. Combined with any scanner or digital copier, Speedy Organizer allows businesses to manage documents in a paperless environment, allowing you to find documents easier. They offer a 20% discount on the Speedy Organizer Software with the "Made in NY" card.

Team 5

333 Park Avenue South, Suite 2D, New York, NY 10010. Telephone: 212-482-0246
They offer software solutions, custom software database and website development. They also provide onsite technology consultation. They offer 10% off all services and a free one-hour technology consult (a $175 value) with the “Made in NY” card.


353 West 48th Street, Suite 401, New York, NY 10036. Telephone: 217-979-1296
Help videography and production companies generate business on the internet. They offer 10% off profile subscription fee with the "Made in NY" card.


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