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Step 1: Do I Need a Permit?

When a Permit Is Required and Fee Information
The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting issues permits to productions filming on location in the City of New York and provides free police assistance, free parking privileges and access to most exterior locations free of charge. In 2008, the rules were published for when a production is required to have a permit and when it is not in order to help expedite filmmaking in the City. When a permit is required, there is a $300 fee for the processing of the initial application of a new project.
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Insurance Requirements
In order for you or your organization to be eligible for a Motion Picture or Television Permit, Liability Insurance is required. A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE must be provided to the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting 48 hours in advance of your online permit application submission. The Certificate should include...
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Optional Permit
When a permit is not required, it is possible to apply for an optional permit. A person wishing to apply for an optional permit would present much of the same documentation as someone seeking a required permit (e.g. request for dates, times and locations and contact information). Liability insurance is not required in connection with an optional permit.
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The permit we issue to your production provides access to public locations and street parking for essential production vehicles throughout 300 square miles of public settings in the city’s five boroughs, including 27,000 acres of city parks.
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3 Steps to a Permit!

Step 1

When a Permit Is Required and Fee Info
Insurance Requirements
Optional Permit

Step 2

Filming in a Park
Online Application

Step 3

Find a Community Board
Find a City Council District
Find a Business Improvement District
Sample Resident Letter

Step 4

International Productions
Red Carpet Premire Permits
Calendar of Citywide Events