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Red Carpet

Effective July 2005, the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (OFTB) processes permits for all red carpet, film, television and theatre events. The fee structure will depend on the size and the scope of the event/venue. For example, an event at Radio City Music Hall would be considered large, an event at the Ziegfeld Theatre would be considered medium, and an event at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas would be considered a small event.

  • Applicants may now apply via the new online application
  • All requests for a Premiere Permit should begin with the OFTB.
  • Applicants must submit an official permit application to the OFTB no less than two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • In order to expedite the entire permit process and cover all costs incurred by the city, the following fee schedule is in effect as of 1/1/09:
    • X-tra Small Venue: Seating less than 500. Fee: $450.
    • Small Venue: Seating less than 1000. Fee: $2750.
    • Medium Venue: Seating less than 1500. Fee: $5,000.
    • Large Venue: Seating less than 5,000. Fee: $14,000.
    • X-Large Venue: Seating more than 5,000 anticipated. Fee: $24,000.
All fees include permission for the following:
  • One Curblane Closure
  • One Red Carpet
  • One Press Pen
  • One Generator
  • One Klieg Light
  • One Tent 10 by 20
Any additional items will be a separate fee. Please note that the fee schedule is intended as a guide only. The final fee will be assessed upon review of the completed permit application. Payment may be made via Certified checks made out to Dept. of Finance and must be brought to OFTB (1697 Broadway, 6th Floor) at time of permit issuance. 

3 Steps to a Permit!

Step 1

When a Permit Is Required and Fee Info
Insurance Requirements
Optional Permit

Step 2

Filming in a Park
Online Application

Step 3

Find a Community Board
Find a City Council District
Find a Business Improvement District
Sample Resident Letter

Step 4

International Productions
Red Carpet Premire Permits
Calendar of Citywide Events