Cycle 31 of the “Made in NY” PA Training Program Gets Ready to Climb Together

Eighteen new PAs joined the "Made in NY" family. Photo courtesy of MOME.
July 1, 2013 - It was the start of a whole new world for the latest group of New Yorkers to graduate from the “Made in NY” Production Assistant Training Program. Eighteen individuals, who come from low income backgrounds and lack opportunities to gain access to jobs in the production industry, now have the tools they need to start careers working in film and television.

This was the thirty-first cycle to graduate from the program, which was developed in partnership between the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and Brooklyn Workforce Innovations. The PAs gathered to celebrate their achievement on June 14 at Building 92 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where much of their training had taken place. Over the course of their five weeks of free training, they also visited sets and learned valuable skills that will be put to use in their new jobs.

“We worked hard to get to this point,” said Kelsey Mohammed, who welcomed the audience of friends, family and supporters. “We’re ready to get out there in the field and work.”

Jason “Rowdy” Rody, who recently joined BWI as the program’s training coordinator, gave out marbles to the eighteen graduates to remind them that when things get tough and they’re facing adversity, they should look to their marble and remember all of their dreams, goals and affirmations.

Then the graduates had a chance to speak as they received their certificates. Logan Thoreau shared a stirring metaphor with his fellow graduates, detailing how they had started a climb together and, for the moment, were perched on a ledge to enjoy the view. “Tomorrow, we climb,” he reminded them.

“We came in as eighteen, and we leave as one,” said Jamaal Burford, speaking to the comradery that had sprung up between them during training.

“This is the first time I graduated from anything,” said Damian Ramos. Before starting the training program, he had two friends. “Now I have twenty.”

Interested in learning more about the “Made in NY” PA Training Program? Click here.

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