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Film Festivals Showcase Independent Talent in August

By Shane Galvin 

August 1, 2012 - A variety of film festivals, featuring everything from rural to urban art, brings new films to a local audience this month while other festivals seek submissions.

Rural Routes Film Festival
From August 3-5, New Yorkers can get a dose of country by attending the Rural Routes Film Festival in Astoria, Queens. This unique festival was created to highlight works that deal with rural people and places. For information, visit

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival will showcase Brooklyn-based films and filmmakers and will feature 45 new films, all independently made. Headquartered in Brooklyn Heights, screenings take place August 4-12 at St. Francis College (180 Remsen Street). For schedule, tickets, and discount information, visit

GenArt Film Festival
The GenArt Film Festival, now in its seventh year, employs a unique format that puts the spotlight on the select group of films. Seven films are shown over the course of seven nights and are celebrated with seven parties, giving each film its moment in the sun. The festival runs August 8-4 with all films shown at the School of Visual Arts Theatre in Chelsea. For more info, visit

New York International Latino Film Festival
The New York International Latino Film Festival continues its tradition of promoting the diversity of the Latino-population. Sponsored by HBO, this festival is in its 13th year of bringing the film communities of the United States and Latin America closer together and will take place August 13-19. For a complete schedule, visit

Call for Submissions

Athena Film Festival
: The festival, which features films that focus on females in leadership positions, is currently accepting submissions until September 17. All accepted films must feature a woman in a leadership role at the center of the story. For more information visit

Imagine Science Film Festival: The festival seeks films that effectively incorporate science into a compelling narrative while maintaining credible scientific groundings. All genres will be considered as long as they have a scientific theme, tone or character. Submissions are due August 15. Visit to learn more.

Brooklyn Girl Film Festival: The early bird deadline for submissions to the Brooklyn Girl Film Festival ends August 4, 2012. The festival seeks films that have a woman in a key position (writer, director, producer, cinematographer or animator). All genres will be considered, including music video. This year the festival has also added a screenplay competition to its program. Visit to learn more.

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