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Film Festivals Celebrate Cinema from around the World

July 2, 2012 - A variety of film festivals taking place throughout July will showcase diverse viewpoints and cultures.

New York Asian Film Festival
This year’s New York Asian Film Festival features multiple North American premieres, animated movies and eastern cinema classics. With films from China, Korea, Japan and many other countries, this festival is singular in its celebration of films produced by Asia’s varied pop-culture landscape. The festival runs through July 15. For theater information, full schedule and detailed list of festival events, visit

Long Island International Film Expo
The Long Island International Film Expo is a weeklong competition that beckons filmmakers from all over the world. This festival, running from July 13-19, features movies from varied locales such as New York, the United Kingdom, Israel and Bangladesh. Events and professionally run panels are peppered throughout each day’s multiple screenings. For more information, visit

Asian American International Film Festival
The 35th annual Asian American International Film Festival celebrates independent oriented storytellers of Asian and Asian American descent. The competition runs from July 25 to August 5 and features full-length narratives, short films and documentaries. For theater information and a full line-up, visit

New Fest, The New York LGBT Film Festival
New Fest, now in its 24th year, continues to fulfill its goal of supporting greater visibility and giving voice to a wide range of expressions and representations of the LGBT experience. The festival runs from July 27-31. For a full schedule, visit

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