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Local Students Meet Festival Filmmakers at "Made in NY" Tribeca Connection

Made in NY Tribeca Connection
>Young filmmakers got to listen to Tribeca Festival filmmakers as part of "Made in NY" Tribeca Connection. Photo courtesy of Marisa McGrody.

April 18, 2012 - Aspiring young filmmakers and local students eager to learn the ins and outs of the film industry got to meet a handful of filmmakers with projects at the Tribeca Film Festival as part of “Made in NY” Tribeca Connection. Organized by the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment and the Tribeca Film Festival, the free educational event took place on April 17 at Tribeca Cinemas.

Students and graduates of the “Made in NY” PA Training Program and the Tribeca Film Institute’s Film Fellows were on hand to meet each other, learn about the production industry and festival circuit and gain helpful tools and resources to develop their careers.

The audience was welcomed by MOME Commissioner Katherine Oliver and Nancy Shaeffer, the executive director of the Festival.

“As the next generation of filmmakers, you’re at the beginning of your journey into the world of entertainment,” Commissioner Oliver told the crowd. “Take advantage of every opportunity you get, and hopefully one day soon, we’ll see your film here at Tribeca.”

Among the filmmakers who shared their experiences of working in the industry were: director Matthew Bonifacio and producer Julianna Gelinas (Migraine), co-director Jenny Carchman (One Nation under Dog), director Zoé Salicrup Junco (Gabi), director Stephen Maing and producer Trina Rodriguez (High Tech Low Life), co-director Annie Sundberg (Knuckleball!), and Macdara Valllely (Babygirl).

Made in NY Tribeca Connection
Commissioner Oliver (center) is joined by students and aspiring filmmakers. Photo courtesy of Marisa McGrody.

The “Made in NY” PA Training Program, developed in partnership with MOME and Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, gives unemployed and low-income New Yorkers their start in the TV and film industry as production assistants. The Tribeca Film Fellowship Program, created by the Tribeca Film Institute, provides young filmmakers in their junior or senior year of high school with the resources, knowledge and experiences necessary to develop their academic and professional futures in the world of film and media. Other students in attendence at “Made in NY” Tribeca Connection were part of an educational initiative with Kingsborough Community College. During the course of an 18-week internship with NYC Media, Kingsborough students created special videos depicting arts and cultural venues in Brooklyn that were broadcast on NYC life, the City's television station.
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