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Tune in and Head to the Theatres in April for "Made in NY" Productions

The Made in NY film Restless City opens in April April 2, 2012 - April sees the premiere of new and returning “Made in NY” series, as well as the release of a few films.

In theatres, Whit Stillman’s Damsels in Distress opens in limited release on April 6. Greta Gerwig stars as the leader of a group of girls who try to change the gender dynamics of all-male college that only recently began admitting girls. The film also stars Adam Brody and Analeigh Tipton.

Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie” returns on Sunday, April 8 at 9pm. Edie Falco stars as the titular character in the series’ fourth season as Jackie tries to save her marriage and maintain her sobriety.

“NYC 22,” from executive producers Robert de Niro and Jane Rosenthal, chronicles the careers of a diverse group of rookie cops in the NYPD stationed in a precinct in upper Manhattan. The new series premieres on Sunday, April 15 at 10pm.

On HBO, “Girls” premieres on April 15 at 10:30pm. The comedy stars Lena Dunham, who was last seen in the independent feature Tiny Furniture, as one of a group of young women trying to make sense of their lives in New York City.

In Restless City, a film by Andrew Dosunmu, an Africa immigrant tries to survive in New York City where music is his passion, life is a hustle, and falling in love is his greatest risk. The film opens in theatres in the City on April 27.
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