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Wide Variety of Film Festivals Set for July

July 1, 2011 - Local festivals will show a diverse offering of films, from robot-centric short films to world premiere Japanese horror movies.

New Fest, The New York LGBT Film Festival
Taking place July 21-28, the 23rd annual New Fest, the New York LGBT Film Festival, will showcase international, American and local filmmakers whose films aim to educate and entertain the LGBT community as well as LGBT supportive audiences. For more information on scheduling and tickets, visit

Robot Film Festival
The first annual Robot Film Festival, which runs from July 16-17, will present short films with the distinction that one of the main characters has to be a robot. The festival’s goal is to bring together the worlds of robotic engineering and filmmaking. Live performances are scheduled as well. To learn more, visit

New York Asian Film Festival
The 10th New York Asian Film Festival runs from July 1-14. Films from Korea, Japan and Taiwan are among the many countries that will present films this year. To see a full schedule of screenings, visit

Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival
The 3rd annual Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival takes place July 20-23. The festival combines soccer and film in order to bring them to a larger audience. Each film is the same length as a soccer game: 90 minutes. For more information, visit
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