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Greening the Industry with Brooklyn Grange and Standard Motor Products Building

The Brooklyn Grange sits atop the Standard Motor Productions Building, a qualified production facility. Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Grange.

June 1, 2011 - It’s impossible to tell from down below on the sidewalk, but sitting on top of a hundred year old industrial building in Long Island City is a working farm. Brooklyn Grange, located on the roof of the qualified production facility Standard Motor Products Building, is a fiscally sustainable business that grows and sells organically-raised vegetables to the local community. The roof is roughly 40,000 square feet in size – just under an acre – and every available inch of space is covered with a green roof membrane, soil and edible plants.

In its first year of operation, Brooklyn Grange grew and distributed over seven tons of fresh food. The produce was sold direct to consumer at four weekly markets, through a Community Supported Agriculture group (CSA) and to restaurants throughout the cCty. The food rarely traveled more than five miles from farm to plate.

The Grange taps into a growing food movement that has motivated consumers in New York and beyond to seek out fresh, local and organically grown foods. It also engages an energetic demographic of young urbanites who want to volunteer on farms and get involved in community food projects.

To learn more about the Grange or to get involved, visit

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