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A Farm Grows in Brooklyn

The 6,000 square foot farm is located on the roof of one of Broadway Stages' production facilities. Photo courtesy of Broadway Stages.
May 2, 2011 - Tucked away on top of an old warehouse in Greenpoint, is a 6,000 square foot urban farm. Now in its third growing season, the farm, which is located on Eagle Street, sits on the roof of one of Broadway Stages’ numerous production facilities.

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based company Broadway Stages and the green roof design and installation firm Goode Green. Broadway Stages financed the green roof installation.

Local schoolchildren visit the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. Photo courtesy of Broadway Stages.
The farm also operates a small community supported agriculture (CSA) program, and an onsite farm market, and caters to area restaurants. Additionally, in partnership with Growing Chefs, the rooftop farm hosts a range of educational and volunteer programs designed to bring city-dwellers closer to their food source. The community is even invited to compost on-site. For many of the school children who visit, it’s their first time visiting a farm.

Among the produce grown on the farm by a team of volunteers are kale, tomatoes, and radishes, which are irrigated by collected rainwater. Just below the garden is a rehearsal room that has been used by numerous productions. It was where Angelina Jolie practiced her stunts for the film Salt.

Stay tuned until next month for a look at another urban farm sitting on top of a local production facility.
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