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Broadway Stages Goes Green with the Installation of Solar Panels

Broadway Stages' new solar panels save energy and money. Photo courtesy of

April 1, 2011 - Broadway Stages, one of the New York City’s largest film and television production facilities, has installed 50,000 square feet of solar photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of seven of their soundstages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. By going solar, Broadway Stages has offset 30% of the annual electricity consumption of these stages.

“For Broadway Stages, our ongoing commitment to install solar PV systems reflects our dedication to providing cutting edge services to the film industry, and our desire to improve the communities in Brooklyn and Queens,” said Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages.

Broadway Stages has teamed with Solar Energy Systems, LLC (SES) to develop their energy/or solar management plan/model. SES turnkey solar integrators designed, engineered, and installed the solar PV systems. The first solar powered soundstage in New York has been completed at Stage 10 located on North Henry Street, where the CBS show “The Good Wife” films with another six systems nearing completion.

Additional PV systems will be added to other roofs of the Broadway Stages campus.
Photo courtesy of

According to Solar Energy Systems, the seven systems will offset 822,000 lbs of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of planting over 8,500 street trees in this community, and will produce half a million kilo-watt hours each year. That translates to almost $75,000 in electrical cost savings for Broadway Stages annually.

In addition to the seven installed solar systems, Broadway Stages is planning PV systems on additional roofs of the Broadway Stages campus.

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Local production facilities are going green in other exciting ways as well. Stay tuned until next month to learn about the growing trend of rooftop gardens.
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