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Film Biz Recycling Heads to a New Location in Brooklyn

Film Biz Recycling's new space features 11,000 square feet. Photo courtesy of Eva Radke.
January 3, 2011 - Film Biz Recycling, the not-for-profit prop and set dressing boutique filled with items donated by local film and television productions, has a new location: 540 President Street in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

“The new place is amazing,” said Eva Radke, the founder and president of Film Biz Recycling. “We’ve quadrupled our space and are in the middle of a hub of activity.” Parking is available and trucks are able to directly load into the facility.

The size of the new facility – 11,000 square feet – is a key feature. In the past, FBR would often have to turn away larger items because the old space was limited in size. “We spent much of the time redirecting items to other places because we didn’t have room for it,” said Radke. One production just donated a set of custom-made library shelves that would have been too big for FBR to take before; now those shelves are being put to use in the shop.

All of the items at Film Biz Recycling have been donated by local productions. Photo courtesy of Eva Radke.

Film Biz Recycling operates with the support of dozens of volunteers working hundreds of hours throughout the year. The shop is open seven days a week. “It’s humbling and overwhelming to have so much volunteer support,” said Radke.

In addition to selling and renting items that were once used by productions, Film Biz Recycling diverts a lot of the materials it receives to places like Build It Green, Material for the Arts and local charities. The added space in the new facility has already been put to good use. In recent weeks, Blissful Bedrooms, an organization that designs specially themed bedrooms for severely disabled teens, was able to fill up a truck with materials from Film Biz Recycling, including fifteen gallons of paint and a couch. “The space helps us use our resources better,” said Radke. “We think we’re home.”

To learn more about Film Biz Recycling, visit
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