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MOFTB Implements New Best Practices for On Location Shooting

January 20, 2011 - In anticipation of a busy production season and in an effort to further balance the needs of production with the interests of neighborhoods in which they work, the MOFTB met with industry representatives to refine best practices used on set.

As a result, the MPAA endorsed the MOFTB’s Code of Conduct/Keys to the City in a statement: “The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. and its member companies support the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment’s Code of Conduct regarding the production of motion picture and television programs and series, including termination of permits by the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment or New York Police Department for gross violations of the code, including applicable local and state law.”

In addition, to heighten communication between productions and the neighborhoods in which they work, and to expedite the resolution of any concerns brought by local businesses or residents, all productions requesting parking privileges and using the required 'No Parking' signs must list a location manager's name and a production cell phone number assigned to a location manager or an assistant location manager.

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