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MOFTB Adopts Rule for the Processing of the Initial Application of a New Project

June 11, 2010 - The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting has adopted an amendment to rules governing the issuance of permits issued by the agency. Effective July 11, 2010, MOFTB will charge $300 for the processing of the initial application of any new project.

MOFTB has been, for over forty years, the office providing one-stop clearance and permit operations for film and television productions in the City. As part of these services, the office continues to coordinate and provide free police assistance, free parking privileges and access to most exterior locations free of charge. Because the City faces unprecedented budget challenges, the office has adopted a permit application processing fee. This fee will allow the office to continue to provide these permitting services to the public, while offsetting budget cuts.

The following outlines when a permit is required and when a permit is not required when shooting in New York City:

Permit Required:
$300 application fee applies.
Permit Not Required:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.
Optional Permit:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.
- Equipment or vehicles are used or the person filming asserts exclusive use of City property.

- Insurance is required for this permit.
- Hand-held cameras or tripods are used and the person filming does not assert exclusive use of City property.

- Handheld equipment only. Permit does not include special parking privileges.

- Insurance is not required for this permit.

The final version of the rule was published in the City Record on June 11, 2010. This rule was published for comment in the City Record on May 3, 2010 and a hearing was held on June 3, 2010.

To read the rule in its entirety, click here

The new fee was determined by analyzing the administrative and personnel costs incurred by MOFTB for processing the initial application page of any new project that will be subject to this New Project Account application fee of $300.00. A New Project Account application will be valid for the duration of continuous photography for any scouting, rigging and/or shooting activity that requires a permit. For a television series, a single project application will be valid for the duration of one season. If a television series hosts a special outdoor event with a public audience, a New Project Account application will be needed unless the event requires a Premiere permit. The fee will apply to the application process for each project, and is not a location fee; the majority of City-owned exterior locations will remain free of charge, including its 300 square miles of streets. MOFTB would waive the new $300 project application fee when the applicant is able to demonstrate unreasonable hardship.

A New Project Account application, when submitted in connection with a Required Permit, shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $300.00, paid in the form of a certified check or money order and made payable to "New York City Department of Finance."

For purposes of clarification, a “New Project Account application” must be submitted in any of the following instances:
i) in connection with a new project which has never before submitted an application,
ii) in connection with a television series (in a new season) which has previously submitted an application for a prior season, or
iii) in connection with an project which has previously submitted an application but has completed the continuous photography associated with that application and desires to re-commence photography.

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