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"Made in NY" Production Crafts Training Program Underway

The first class of the "Made in NY" Production Crafts Training Program visits a local set.
Photo courtesy of BWI.

May 10, 2010 - The first class from the “Made in NY” Production Crafts Training Program is currently taking place. The program, which works to help women, minorities and struggling New Yorkers prepare for and get union-track jobs in film and television production is focusing on the grip department in its first class.

Classes began in mid-April, and already, the program’s participants have tackled a variety of technical skills. Participants in the program have received instruction in the use of lifts, have visited six different union sets, lit a still photography shoot, and learned how to build scaffolding and light a dolly shot.

The program is run by Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, a nonprofit organization selected by MOFTB to administer the pilot. Members of the International Alliance of Theatrical & Stage Employees provide technical instruction.

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