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The Show Must Go On: Musicals and New Lifetime Series Featured on City Bus Shelters

October 1, 2009 - Productions and cultural festivals continue to take part in the “Made in NY” Marketing Credit.

“Sherri,” the new Lifetime series, has been showcased on 29 shelters throughout the City since September 7. Starring Sherri Shepherd, cohost on “The View,” the show takes a look at a newly divorced woman getting back into the dating scene.

The New York Musical Theatre Festival offers a variety of theatrical choices around the City until October 18. Ten bus shelters promoted the festival, which has been called “the Sundance of musical theatre.”

The co-branded bus shelter advertisements are part of the “Made in NY” Marketing Credit, which provides free advertising on City bus shelters to productions that shoot 75% of their work in New York City and local cultural festivals.

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