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Students' Films Showcased at 16th Annual Bronx Community College Film & Video Festival

July 1, 2009 - Bronx Community College students were given the chance to showcase the efforts of months of their hard work with the premieres of their original films at the 16th Annual BCC Film and Video Festival. The screening took place on Wednesday, June 10 at Cablevision’s Chelsea Clearview Cinema.

The annual Film & Video Festival creates an exciting atmosphere for students to show off their work in front of production executives. The students came from BCC’s Media Technology, Film Society Clubs, and the Media Technology Program of the Communications Arts and Science Department. Special thanks were extended to Dr. Debra Gonsher, Chair of the Communications Arts & Sciences Department for her continued support for this year’s festival.

The 2009 Eastman Kodak Student Filmmaker Awards were presented by DeWitt Davis, Eastman Kodak’s film school liaison.

First prize: Hard to Get, directed by Arthur Jones
Second prize: In Shades of Grey, directed by Wilfredo Suarez
Third prize: Apt. 44, directed by Richard Ventura
Fourth prize: Rejection, directed by Olimpia Liranzo

The Avid Technology Award was presented to Media Technology student, Wilfredo Suarez for excellence in Television Non-Linear Editing.

“For months, all of the students in the class have struggled to complete assignments for regular academic classes, somehow keep their jobs and maintain responsibilities of supporting families, and while putting finishing touches on their five minute films,” said Arthur Jones, a senior Media Technology Program student who is also a Perkins Tutor in the Media Technology Program.

“The films that were presented at this year’s film festival are as varied as the students that created them,” said Professor Jeffrey Wisotsky, director, Media Technology Program.

The Media Technology Program at Bronx Community College prepares students for entry-level employment in production support and selected technical areas of video, film and associated media production. Students are taught by industry professionals who provide extensive hands-on instruction.

A larger film festival with screenings open to the public will take place during the fall 2009 semester.

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