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'Shoot It Green' Provides Eco-Advice for NYC Productions

April 1, 2009 - At a recent panel presented by the DGA, entitled ‘Shoot It Green,’ industry experts were asked to discuss ways to make production more environmentally friendly. Among the panelists was MOFTB’s Director of Client Relations and Community Outreach Jennifer Lenihan, who oversees the agency’s green initiatives.

“Showing local residents that productions do care about the environment and the impact they have on the neighborhoods of New York City can go a long way to keeping the City film friendly,” said Lenihan. “MOFTB supports any efforts an individual production makes to be green and we encourage them to do so. We’d like to be a resource for the industry, so we urge productions to share with us what they are already doing and let us know what they may need.”

The other panelists included UPM and producer Alysse Bezahler (“In Treatment”), UPM and associate producer Kathleen McGill (A Beautiful Mind), and second AD and location manager Trish Adlesic (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”). The discussion was moderated by UPM and line producer Dana Kuznetzkoff (“Broadway Empire”).

In front of an audience of DGA members, the panelists noted that it helps to have a point person on set to keep an eye on recycling bins, making eco-friendly purchases, and other green matters. Some productions have even become almost paperless by sending scripts and other updates electronically instead of making multiple paper copies. It’s crucial, the panelists said, to do as much pre-planning as possible since the unpredictable and fast-paced nature of filmmaking can sometimes cause challenges to productions that want to reduce their environmental impact.

The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting’s website provides numerous tips and resources for productions shooting on location in the City. For more information, visit NYC Green Screen.

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