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Film Biz Recycling Finds a New Home

April 1, 2009 - Film Biz Recycling is currently setting up shop at its new home in a larger facility in Long Island City. “It’s like moving house,” said founder Eva Radke, of the donation center that works with film, television, and commercial productions to divert materials from the landfill by finding new homes for items that are no longer needed.

Previously housed in a section of Build It Green NYC, the new space allows for Film Biz Recycling to take on even more donations. The goal, Radke said, is for this new space to be the stepping stone to opening a big warehouse, the ultimate reuse center for decorators and designers.

Ninety percent of what has come into Film Biz Recycling in the past has been donated to places like Goodwill, Housing Works, and New York City Clothing Bank. Building materials, like paint and plexiglass, go to Build It Green! NYC. A small percent of the items that come to Film Biz Recyling are retained for use by future productions, which is why the new facility will come in handy by allowing more items to be used again. While it is technically a prop house, Radke is keen to use the term ‘reuse center’ instead. These efforts go beyond recycling, she said. “It’s about preventing and reducing waste.”

Working with Filco Carting, a waste removal and recycling facility, and NY Wa$teMatch, which provides reuse and waste solutions, Film Biz Recycling can even help divert whole sets out of the trash. “With enough time, we can take sets and place them at theatres, churches, and schools,” she said.

“We’re always looking for volunteers,” said added. Every day, she noted, is “like Christmas,” as she and her rotation of volunteers open up boxes and boxes of recent donations, never knowing what exactly they’re going to find inside.

For more information about Film Biz Recycling, donating unwanted materials from a production, or details about volunteering, visit

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