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Location! Location! Location! Location Managers Share Their Love of Scouting in NYC

New York City has  a wealth of location choices. Photo courtesy of Krista Corrao.

August 1, 2008 - In the conclusion of a two part series, the MOFTB has spoken with local location managers about their work in New York City.

Pat Weber Sones, Location Manager, "Lipstick Jungle"
“…I came to locations by accident about ten years ago, not knowing there was even a dedicated job description. When I started scouting for features, I began to see that my love of New York City was a great fit for this job. I loved scouting Department of Transportation parking garages and basement boiler rooms as much as I enjoyed getting into the mansions and townhouses of the elite, or onto the rooftops of New York's great skyscrapers.

“Encountering Strivers' Row, Audubon Terrace or the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage for the first time increased my appreciation for New York and the people who built and populated this great city. I have found that most people are curious about the film business and generous enough to open their doors for us to come in and take photos. New York is filled with interesting, interested, knowledgeable people who are willing to share their homes and offices with us. I always work to have a good relationship with the communities we shoot in, and it usually pays off. We try to reshape our image as more than a parking nuisance. We provide a lot of economic benefits for the neighborhoods we shoot in.”

Jason Ciaccia, Location Manager and Scout
“…I've done a twelve year stint in the New York production system; the last (and best) four of those years were spent in the location department as a scout and manager. Soon after graduating college, a friend of mine got me an interview for Warner Bros.’ A Perfect Murder. The location managers took a chance on me, giving me the job on a two-week trial basis. I had to show up at five in the morning every day at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse and make sure Viggo Mortensen and the art department guys had fresh coffee and donuts for breakfast. That was my first PA job: coffee and donuts for the crew. I've been slowly creeping up the ladder ever since.

“I get paid to drive outside and find places I've never been to before and take pictures of them. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I'm out in the world finding new places to film in, meeting different people everyday; I work for and with different people every month.

“New York is the greatest location in the world, the greatest city on Earth, period. You need a hot dog joint with a telephone booth inside that opens up into a secret bar? I know a place.”

Shannon Bowen Causey, Location Manager and Scout
“I’ve been working in production for fifteen years and exclusively in locations for thirteen years. I moved to New York and began interning at The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. [Scouting] is hard work, but [it’s] a lot of fun, because you get to meet and learn about so many different types of people and cultures. It's a fantastic city to scout in because even after working in New York for many years, I will still run across something new. Plus, it's always changing so there are always new places to look…

“To some, New York is nothing more than a city with lots of streets, people, cabs and hot dog vendors. But, to location managers and scouts in the entertainment industry, New York is one big blank canvas waiting for its close-up.”

Location managers scout mansions and townhouses throughout the city. 
Photo courtesy of Krista Corrao.

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