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Film Biz Recycling - Accepting Donations from Local Productions

July 2, 2008 - Props and sets that would normally be headed to a dumpster when a production ends now have a new lease on life. Film Biz Recycling is accepting any donations from local film, television, and commercial productions.

In just two weeks, Film Biz Recycling has received donations from five feature films and seven commercials equaling thousands of dollars worth of reusable materials that would have otherwise ended up in a dumpster. Most of the materials that come are reusable sets and set dressing, like bedding, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, party supplies, lamps, plants - anything you’d see in the background of a film.

Building supplies are saved for Build It Green, and fabrics and like-minded materials will be collected for Material for the Arts. Other items are sold at the Brooklyn Flea in an effort to raise awareness and seed money to further the efforts of Film Biz Recycling. Eventually Film Biz Recycling will also consist of a prop house that will rent donated ‘like new’ items to other productions.

Film Biz Recycling in turn donates some of the materials to appropriate charities. Towels and leashes were recently donated to local animal rescue shelters while brand new baby books and unopened baby bottles were given to a church that runs an assistance program for unwed mothers.

More than a dozen individuals have already donated their time and efforts. As word spreads, and donations continue, additional volunteers will be needed to sort through and unpack boxes.

Keeping items out of the trash is key, said co-founder Eva Radke. “I know these things can have a better home.”

To learn more about Film Biz Recycling, visit

For more ways productions can stay green, visit NYC Green Screen.
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