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April 1, 2008 -In the year since its launch, the Onion News Network has created and released nearly one hundred comedic videos. The network, an offshoot of the farcical newspaper The Onion, is seen by over 4 million unique users every month, who access the videos via YouTube, MySpace, iTunes, and the Onion website,

Headquarters in New York City, ONN tries to do more than just translate The Onion's print content to the online medium. In addition to its flagship news show, mock congressional hearings, and fictional White House press conferences, the digital network includes “Today Now,” a parody of morning news programs, and “In the Know,” a satiric take on pundit roundtable shows. It will also soon launch a series of fake interviews detailing NASA’s space station.

As they continue to develop new ideas, ONN is constantly experimenting with the production model. Fifteen fulltime staff members, including head writer Carol Kolb, spend months crafting the videos that eventually make their way online.

“It really functions like its own network,” said producer Julie Smith.

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