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Campus Movie Fest - Turning Students into Filmmakers

April 1, 2008 - Campus Movie Fest, the world’s largest student film festival, is coming to New York City for the first time this spring. Providing all the necessary equipment and training for college students to make short movies for free, Campus Movie Fest will be coming to NYU, Columbia, Barnard, and other universities in April.

The event is open to all students, not just current filmmakers. Each campus has one week to make their movies - the week of April 1, April 8, and April 15. After the movies are turned in and judged by a panel of students and staff, they will be showcased at red carpet finales at each school in late April.

The best short movies created in New York will go up against forty other campuses nationwide at the Campus Movie Fest National Grand Finale, held at The Hudson Theatre in Times Square on Saturday, May 3. Students from around the country, plus musicians, filmmakers, media, industry execs, and community members will converge for a one night event featuring the best films made by over 50,000 students.

Visit for more information.

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