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Explore our archives and learn more about how New York City has become a film and television production capital over the past few years.

"Made in NY" Vendors Step into the Right 'Shoes' May 2, 2012

A "Made in NY" Film Puts on Its Shades May 2, 2012

Broadway Celebrates the 2011-2012 Theatre Season as Nominations Are Announced May 2, 2012

City's Television Station to Feature Live City Council Hearings May 2, 2012

Comedy's Big Night Returns to NYC May 2, 2012

"Made in NY" Marketing Credit Highlights Film and TV May 2, 2012

Film Festivals Spring up in May May 2, 2012

Find Hidden Gems in the City with a New 'Secrets of New York' Special May 2, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Announces Film and Television Industry Has Spent $60 Billion in New York City over Past Decade, and TV Production Is Now at All-Time High May 8, 2012

Evaluating New York City's Media Sector Development and Setting the Stage for Future Development, a Study Conducted by the Boston Consulting Group May 8, 2012

New Yorkers Get Preview of 'Men in Black 3' as Thank You for Hosting Production in their Communities May 25, 2012

Broadway League Announces 2011-2012 Broadway Season Statistics May 30, 2012
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