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Media Employee Training FAQs

Q. What kind of training can I get for my employees?
We're primarily looking to fund training that will enhance your staff's technical, creative and/or business skills, but we're open to all proposals that will increase your revenue and help your employees acquire new skills and/or increase their compensation.

Q. How much does training cost?
The cost of training can vary widely depending on what kind of training you need; a good rule of thumb is between $1,000 and $5,000 per staff member. You'll pay the costs up front, and we'll reimburse you for 70% of the total.

Q. How can I get money for training?
Work with us to design a proposal that will help your business earn more money and your employees gain much-needed skills. You supply the ideas; we'll work with you to create the proposal.

Q. How will you decide whether to fund my proposal?
We'll review your proposal with the following questions in mind:
  • How much, if at all, will this training help your company increase its revenue in the next year?
  • How much, if at all, will this training help your employees acquire new skills, responsibilities, and/or increase their compensation in the next year?
  • Why do you need our support? Could you conduct or pay for training on your own?
The better you can demonstrate that training will increase your revenues, enable your employees to develop critical skills, and that you need our support to provide this training, the stronger the likelihood that we'll fund your proposal.

Q. What if I want to train my staff but don't work in the media and entertainment industry?
If you own a business that is not part of the media and entertainment field but is located in NYC, take a look at our Customized Training program, which serves a wide variety of businesses in the NYC area. Go to to learn more.

To learn more, please call 311 and ask for "Made in New York" Strategic Steps for Growth for Media Executives or email us.
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