Made in NY PA training campaign

Jennifer was born and raised in Brooklyn. After interning for a season with the TLC Network she made the decision to try the “Made in NY” PA training program (Cycle 15). The program ultimately opened her career into working in the film and TV industry.

Most recently, Jennifer was the locations coordinator on the new Netflix series Orange is the New Black. She has also worked as a production assistant on movies such as The Other Guys, Premium Rush, Limitless and The Smurfs Movie, among many others. Her favorite production experience was an independent film called What Maisie Knew, which released in May 2013, and stars Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgård. For Jen, “The crew, the directors and the cast were absolutely amazing to work with.”

Ultimately, Jennifer would love to create and produce her own TV series, but in the meantime she’s enjoying the journey and experiences she’s gained along the way. Jen’s advice to those interested in starting a career in the production industry: “Working in the industry is definitely not easy. It requires a strong work ethic, willingness to work very long hours and a positive attitude. For those of you who think you have what it takes, I strongly urge you to consider the ‘Made in NY’ PA training program.”