Made in NY PA training campaign

Drew was born and raised in Staten Island, where he could always be found in front of the television set. As Drew grew up, his interests became increasingly more creative – specifically in the fields of acting and directing. It wasn’t until some friends from the neighborhood started working for noted film director Spike Lee as production assistants in Brooklyn did Drew really begin to consider a career in production.

It was a few years later in 2007, that Drew discovered the “Made in NY” PA Training Program and applied, thinking it was too good to be true. Commuting two hours a day from Staten Island to get to the training in Brooklyn, Drew learned all of the essential skills needed to succeed on a film set and has been working steadily for six years since completing the program, including on a variety of shows for MTV Networks. “I still wake up, knowing that I have a 12-hour day ahead of me and am still able to smile,” he said. “I truly love what I do for a living and continue to work hard on every gig. Ultimately, I would love to produce, direct, and write my own works of art. But timing is everything, and I feel there are still areas of the film business that I need to perfect before hitting the big screen. I can truly say that ‘Made in NY’ has changed my life and helped provide me with the motivation and tools to conquer my dream!”