Made in NY PA training campaign

Alesa graduated from Cycle 11 of the “Made in NY” PA Training program in summer 2008. After graduating, she worked as a locations assistant where she was the liaison between the public and the crew. One of her favorite moments as a locations assistant was when she got the opportunity to work on one of her favorite shows, NBC’s 30 Rock. Alesa then went on to work in production management, where she fell in love with the planning and budgeting aspects of this department. Alesa was the production coordinator for several projects, and on her more recent jobs has donned the title of production manager. Some of the projects she’s worked on include: Evolve (History), Diva Awards (VH1), Ugly Americans (Comedy Central), Roble & Co. (Bravo), the 2012 Essence Music Festival (Essence Magazine) and NY Ink (TLC). Alesa's take on her job is: “This is one industry where your day is never boring because every show offers new challenges and experiences, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”