For Residents

FAQ's for Residents and Merchants

How will I know when a production will be shooting in my neighborhood?
Productions will post "No Parking" signs and resident letters as early as possible in advance of their shoots to notify the local area. 

Will I still be able to get to my residence/work/local businesses? 
Absolutely. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow is maintained at all times, and an NYPD officer is assigned to many exterior shoots. Occasionally, you may be asked to pause for a few moments during the filming of a scene. Enjoy the show. Your patience and cooperation is much appreciated. 

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Make Your Home a Star in New York City

Every day films, TV shows, commercials, music videos and other productions film on location in private homes, apartments and businesses. When a production uses a private location, the arrangement is a private negotiation that takes place between the owners and the production, and the amount of money paid by a production to a home or business owner varies dramatically. The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting is not involved in these negotiations.
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