FAQ's for Residents and Merchants


How will I know when a production will be shooting in my neighborhood?
Productions will post "No Parking" signs and resident letters as early as possible in advance of their shoots to notify the local area.

Will I still be able to get to my residence/work/local businesses?
Absolutely. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow is maintained at all times, and an NYPD officer is assigned to many exterior shoots. Occasionally, you may be asked to pause for a few moments during the filming of a scene. Enjoy the show. Your patience and cooperation is much appreciated.

When productions shoot in my neighborhood, why do they take up parking spots?
Public parking spots are paid for and shared by all New Yorkers, including the production industry, which contributes $7.1billion to our local economy on an annual basis and employs 130,000 New Yorkers. The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (OFTB) understands that a temporary loss of parking poses an inconvenience to residents and merchants. The agency strictly limits the amount of parking productions are granted and sends field representatives to shoots to monitor production footprints. In addition, NYPD supervisors and officers assigned to the set from the Movie/TV unit are on hand to ensure a production's parking is in compliance with its permit.

Why was my car relocated to another street?

In order to avoid holds on parking spaces for days due to alternate side of the street parking rules, production companies will tow the night before or the morning of their shoot. This way residents can remain parked until the last possible minute. The production company will post signs in advance stating the date and time residents must move their vehicles. Vehicles that are not moved by the times stated on the signs are relocated to the nearest available legal parking spot on the street. Please call 311 to determine where your call has been relocated. If you require further assistance locating your vehicle, contact the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting at 212-489-6710.

What should I do if there are lights from the production shining in my window?

Ask the location manager for black out material, or a fabric that covers your windows.

What should I do if the crew is rude or if the production company creates a problem?

The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting expects crews to be courteous and accommodating to residents and merchants at all times. Production should always provide safe pedestrian walkways and allow vehicular access for buses, sanitation trucks, delivery trucks, moving vans and resident vehicles. The OFTB has partnered with Brooklyn Workforce Innovations to train production assistants to be polite and address the public's needs. Your first course of action is to explain the situation to the production assistants on set. If the situation is not rectified, check the production signs for the name and phone number of the location manager on the shoot. Additionally, larger shoots will have police officers who can assist you. If a problem remains, contact the OFTB immediately by dialing 212-489-6710, so that the problem can be rectified while the project is still in production. After business hours, you can contact a Supervisor of the NYPD Movie/TV Unit at 646-739-9900. Do not wait until after the shoot. The OFTB will take appropriate action right away. By the same token, if a crew works particularly well with your neighborhood, share your positive experience and call us!
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