The NYC Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) are charged with providing and protecting fair housing in the City of New York. They have joined to create this website, FAIR HOUSING NYC, to explain your rights and responsibilities as tenants, homeowners, landlords, and building owners. Explore this site for information, news, and community initiatives that support fair housing for all our residents.

On June 18, 2015, CCHR and HPD hosted  a discussion on a variety of Fair Housing topics. Hundreds of New Yorkers attended and were educated on the Law by a number of experts in different fields. Learn more


The NYC Human Rights Law protects residents and applicants of most types of housing in New York City against discrimination. You are covered under the Law if you reside in:

  • Privately owned housing;
  • Public or government-subsidized housing;
  • Cooperatives and condominiums;
  • Residential hotels (transient hotels are considered places of public accommodation);
  • Two-family owner-occupied housing, if the owner makes the rental apartment available to the public through advertising or public notice. 

The Law exempts rooms in an owner-occupied dwelling, such as in a person’s apartment or rooming house. It also permits housing limited to the elderly or disabled under certain government restrictions, as well as gender-specific dormitory-type residences.

Housing Discrimination Is Illegal
Housing is at the center of our lives. It helps stabilize our families and connect us to our schools, work, neighborhoods, and friends. The City of New York’s fair housing laws reflect its commitment to equal opportunity and fair treatment when looking for a home or residing in any of our diverse neighborhoods. Housing discrimination is illegal and simply has no place here.



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